Delivery or pickup delivers directly to your wanted delivery address. The delivery address is stated when ordering. We work with an experienced freight company, and with their help we can deliver 24 hours a day - shortly after ordering if necessary.

Normally deliveries happen on the following weekday. It is also possible to pickup the item directly from our warehouse. This service is available day and night. The pickup address will at all times be stated when ordering the item. On site of the pickup address there is a ‘pickup-house’ where the item will be placed ready for pickup.

Necessary loading equipment is available to our customers on the pickup address. The loading equipment is very simple, and can be operated by anybody. At pickup directly from the warehouse, the customer must always make sure that the correct item is picked up. This is best made sure by checking that the attached delivery note is consistent with the invoice.

For pickup of items, all responsibility related to loading and transport always rely on the customer himself. All orders placed with will be ready for pickup or shipment with a freight company a maximum of 2 hours after the order has been completed, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.