Customer groups is directed towards all customers - no matter the size.

Ordering via search form
If you need an electro motor here and nu, it is easy and simple to use We have made a simple guide for ordering items, and if you have dismantled the data plate from your motor and have it close by when ordering, it is quick to type in the correct information in the search from. When you have specified the necessary information, we will show you the items that match your search.

Inventory list
We also offer our customers the opportunity to see our inventory list for every frame. In this way it is possible to choose from electro motors that are in stock, see specifications, drawings, measurements, prices, stock etc. This makes it easy to compare our electro motors.

We can accommodate the individual customer’s wished for delivery. Delivery can happen shortly after placing an order or for example, 5 days after placing an order.

In some cases, offer a LOGIN ID for those customers who purchase large amounts of motors. Discounts are offered to our LOGIN ID-customers. A written request to is required if you wish to become a LOGIN ID-customer.